Resonance – Beings of Frequency | Microwaves and Brain Function

Resonance – Beings of Frequency


RESONANCE is a sensational eye opening documentary which reveals the harm we are doing by existing in an ocean of man made wireless frequencies.

Two billion years ago life first arrived on this planet; a planet, which was filled with a natural frequency. As life slowly evolved, it did so surrounded by this frequency. and Inevitably, it began tuning in.

By the time mankind arrived on earth an incredible relationship had been struck; a relationship that science is just beginning to comprehend.

Research is showing that being exposed to this frequency is absolutely integral to us. It controls our mental and physical health, it synchronizes our circadian rhythms, and it aids our immune system and improves our sense of wellbeing.

Not only are we surrounded by natural frequencies, our bodies are filled with them too. Our cells communicate using electro magnetic frequencies. Our brain emits a constant stream of frequencies and our DNA delivers instructions, using frequency waves. Without them we couldn’t exist for more than a second.

This delicate balance has taken billions of years to perfect. But over the last 25 years the harmony has been disturbed. and disturbed dramatically.

Mankind has submerged itself in an ocean of artificial frequencies. They are all around us, filling the air and drowning out the earth’s natural resonance.

To the naked eye the planet appears to be the same. But at a cellular level it is the biggest change that life on earth has endured; the effects of which we are just starting to see and feel.

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Very interesting documentary about Geoengineering and Chemtrails

Why in the World are They Spraying?

Video link:


People around the world are noticing that our planet’s weather is dramatically changing. They are also beginning to notice the long lingering trails left behind airplanes that have lead millions to accept the reality of chemtrail/geoengineering programs. Could there be a connection between the trails and our severe weather? While there are many agendas associated with these damaging programs, evidence is now abundant which proves that geoengineering can be used to control weather. In this documentary you will learn how the aerosols being sprayed into our sky are used in conjunction with other technologies to control our weather. While geoengineers maintain that their models are only for the mitigation of global warming, it is now clear that they can be used as a way to consolidate an enormous amount of both monetary and political power into the hands of a few by the leverage that weather control gives certain corporations over the Earth’s natural systems. This of course, is being done at the expense of every living thing on the planet.

Bill Gates is actually a misanthropist, not a philanthropist

There have been countless reports of how Bill Gates is investing in vaccines for the poor world. His greatest goal is to make vaccines accessible to all the poor. Yet, people forget that Bill Gates’ father, William H. Gates Sr., was a former head of the eugenics group Planned Parenthood. However, Gates Sr. is also the co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


New study finds Chemotherapy makes cancer worse

Chemotherapy can cause damage to healthy cells which triggers them to secrete a protein that helps the tumour’s growth and to build resistance to further treatment. This was found by researchers in the United States that made the “completely unexpected” discovery, while seeking to explain why cancer cells are so easy to kill in the lab but so resilient inside the human body.


Superfood – Moringa oleifera


Moringa Oleifera leaves

Moringa Oleifera leaves (from )

Species: Moringa oleifera

Family: Moringaceae

Range: Moringa grows mainly in the northeastern foothills of the Himalayas in India, but has also been naturalized in other tropical and sub-tropical areas around the world.

Characteristics: Deciduous tree that grows best in dry sandy soil, it also tolerates poor soils and is reasonably drought-resistant. It is also fast-growing and can reach a height of about 12 meters at maturity.

Moringa History

Moringa was widely used in the ancient world, for example the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians extracted edible oil from the seeds. This oil was used for perfume and skin lotion.

Around the 19th century, plantations of Moringa in the West Indies exported the oil from the seeds to Europe, also for perfumes, as well as to be used as a lubricant for machinery.

People in India have used the Moringa pods for food time immemorial and the edible leaves are eaten throughout the world, especially West Africa and parts of Asia.


Being a Vegetarian

I have now been a vegetarian for just over a year. The one question people always ask me, when I tell them I am vegetarian, is: “Why are you vegetarian?” This is probably one of the most difficult questions to answer, since you don’t just become vegetarian overnight. Sure, you can try, but you need to do some form of planning or research. I was planning for months before I completely made the switch.

Was it worth it?

Hell yeah. For me the benefits far outweighed the negatives. The biggest benefit for me was, mind clarity. I could contemplate and think much better than I used to. It almost feels as if your mind just opens. General energy was another plus, but note this highly depends on what you have eaten that day. If you ate crap, then you will feel like crap and vice versa. However, my body awareness also expanded, I could actually feel the effects of eating crap. This can be a big shock to some people, if they have been eating healthy and then suddenly they eat a sugar rich treat.

Other changes for me: My skin softened (which was kind of weird for being male). My emotions were much more stable in a sense; however, sometimes it feels like my emotions are more erratic. My sleep became much better, however, sometimes my sleep also become erratic. I think this is due to not following a nice sleeping pattern.

There are some other changes that occurred, but they were mostly subtle.